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# Freelancer Location Date
1107nelsonNew York, NY2008-07-30
2SpaceballNew York, NY2008-08-04
3Alison NewmarkNew York, NY2008-08-07
4LeeD39New York, NY2008-08-08
5WebForYouNew York, NY2008-08-09
6spidadesignNew York, NY2008-08-10
7Programmer4youNew York, NY2008-08-11
8ToastNew York, NY2008-08-14
9CrazyNew York, NY2008-08-17
10waynenew york, NY2008-10-08
11145_proNew York, NY2009-04-11
12itechplazaNew York, NY2009-07-27
13SETagencyNew York, NY2014-10-01
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