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You must reside in the United States to sign up for our USA freelancer directory. All new accounts will be temporarily suspended from inquiring about projects until your account information can be verified by our staff. After you sign up, one of our representatives will verify your personal information and activate your account. As per our terms of service, you must keep valid personal information in your account at all times. (Your personal information will never be displayed to other members) The reason we do this is to keep out all the scammers and spam bombers that ruin most other freelance sites. You will not find any of that here.

There is a $7.95 annual verification fee - PAYPAL ONLY!

We do not charge a monthly subscription or percentage to use our services. However, we require that all members pay a $7.95 verification fee annually through PayPal, to verify your address and personal information. If your account is not verified through PayPal, you cannot accept job offers, or reply to messages. It is your responsibility to keep current information in your account at all times. Although this information cannot be seen by other members, it must be kept current as per our website terms of use. Please note that freelancers are unable to contact other freelancers through our message system. Freelancers are prohibited from contacting employers for any reason other than to respond to a specific project. We do not allow spam, so make sure you understand these conditions before signing up. Get A Freelancer USA will not issue refunds for failure to read the rules, or violation of policy account suspensions.

NOTICE: We will suspend all violators promptly. All suspended accounts will be required to submit a $50 reinstatement fee for any policy violation. Second offense will be $200. Repeat violators will be banned for life. No refunds will be awarded for violation of policy.

We are not affiliated with PayPal in any way - PayPal makes no endorsement of this website

STOP - If you are NOT from USA, DON'T SIGN UP!

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NOTE: You will be contacted to verify your information before your account will be activated. Our site is different from all the rest because we don't let just anyone join. You must provide accurate contact information to become a member of this website.

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