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Screen Name: fresheyedeas
Name: Benjamin Haines
Business: Fresheyedeas Design Studio
Location: Cazenovia, NY
Member Since: 2009-08-01
Area of Expertise: Greetings: My name is Ben Haines. I work for the Fresheyedeas Design Studio. My most popular skill is my creative thinking, and my ability to produce many different ideas, very quickly. This has long aided me in the production of creative work. I have a rather wide, yet focused set of skills which includes: Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, Flash, Animation, Illustration, Creative Thinking, Creative Writing, Copywriting, Advertising, Graphic Design, Web/Design Consultation. My web design skills range from the highly drammatic to the deceptively simple, and Flash sites are some what of a niche expertise. My illustrations have a wide range of styles, but among my more popular are my psychodelic funky style iullustrations, and my medieval etchings.
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